Siwa salts candle

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color yellow , White
material stone
size small ( 10 CM )


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Siwa salt arts community

From:Siwa Oasis

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Some people may believe that the use of salt is limited to only food, others believe according to customs and traditions that salt protects against envy, but Issa Abdullah, from the oases of Siwa in Matrouh, discovered that salt has and other scientific benefits that are not known to others, that it help spread positive energy and absorbs negative energy that lie within any human. «One piece of rock salt in the bedroom removes from inside the negative energy and puts positive energy throughout the day, also cures many diseases», said Issa Abdullah Moussa, salt lamps maker, pointing out that this salt is different from food salt, and that he is a carpenter originally and that he worked in the craft of salt lamps assisted by all members of his family since 1997. «Issa» explained that when salt lamps are illuminated it produces steam which contains useful ions that purify the air from dust and bacteria and reduce the damage of exposure to magnetic field, and that exposure to these lamps light helps to cure many diseases such as allergies, asthma, arthritis and relieve insomnia, headaches, referring to that his work in the salt craft came coincidentally, when he was working in a hotel in Siwa as a carpenter. «Issa’s» lamps and candles of rock salt became famous all over the world, especially with tourists who were visiting «Siwa» which made him innovates in the salt industry in hotels in Siwa, Hurghada and other places, he said: «I made walls and full chambers with salt rock in some hotels, other than the salt lamps that spread throw the hotel, and that made Prince Charles, the British heir of the throne, and his wife Camilla, who visited one of the hotels in Siwa, speak very highly of my work in salt, which made me make a salt room in a hotel in Hurghada every gust sit there for couple of minutes a day to flush out the negative energy ». As for the stages of manufacturing, he said: «we bring the stones from a Lake called Dahabia Siwa, and extract rock salt blocks, then let it dry in the sun and solidifies then we cut it to small pieces that can be formed later», pointing out that the single piece takes an hour or more, and that they produces 10 pieces a day if it was a big size lamp and if it’s a small piece they produce 50 pieces a day

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