nubian necklace " Hilal "

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It is a large-sized chest adornment of young girls in Nubia and was spread until recently and consists of several parts, the first of which is the most important crescent wide closed the two parties slightly, that they exceed the middle or diameter of the lunar disk and the distance between the parties 100 mm and larger width of the crescent 48 mm diameter 130 mm It is decorated with lines and small, hollow shapes that appear to be engraved but mostly as a result of the use of different strands and their name on the surface of the metal and the surface of the crescent is divided into three sections. In the middle there is a region in the crescent. There is a red glass plate mounted on the house of a round, closed 9 mm hole, and on the sides of the middle section, two other sections resembling the horn of an animal in reverse, ie, descending downwards. The moon is like some ancient cults and religions with the horns of the bull, On the surface of the crescent are two lines between them, a pair of bars And each of these four circles has a shape similar to the cross and the outer arch of the crescent is divided into several seven small arches (chests) with twenty-seven arcos. The crescent is placed on top of a ring consisting of a diameter of 12 mm and a length of 12 mm Welded in the middle of the upper (kosa) and hanging from the middle of the crescent from the bottom by a specific shape of silver diameter 45 mm long and the diameter of the casual "32" mm and in the middle of this designation there is a closed 9 mm diameter and the eye is also decorated with the frame of two lines groaning between a bar of aids The small also hangs from the previous piece and the two halves of the crescent slide The length of the base is "110" mm and the length of the base is "95" mm and its height is "18" mm. It is suspended by the two crescent plates by means of a number 8 in English and in the middle The trapezoidal shape is decorated with a frame of two grunged frames with a strip of small interlocking objects divided into three parts. In the middle of the middle part there is a red glass plate, the imitation of agate or carnalline. It is a compound in a round, At each end of the piece there is a blue lobe on each side of the house in P The diameter of the "9" mm, that there are five cloves in this ornament is all one size and one piece is the (Kobshon) high three of which are blue and the two colors of red, and find number five in this ornament and the crescent and triangles are magic symbols against envy and evil eye In popular belief Nubian. (The age of iv) was made in the past of ivory or bone before silver and shows that the name of this ornament originally (ivory tooth), but the absence of the eye (p) in the Nubian language, it pronounced (age Aj or Sun Naj) used the Crescent as a known form Ancient civilizations were used as an amulet of the moon god against magic and evil eye or eye since the eighteenth century and appeared in one of the necklaces (Tutankhamun) lying on top, and the necklace is a religious poem intended for additional protection of the king in his journey in the world of the dead and increase supporters of the gods and Replace the usual sun disk with a beautiful symbol representing both the sun and the moon.

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Nubia Women Community

From:Aswan/ Nubia

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Nubians lovers of heritage, arts and crafts, professions and many developers for the character they own, and crossing through which the beauty of the great Nubia and their customs and traditions and the great heritage which dates back to the era of the Pharaohs authentic. Nubian women since ancient times known as exercising daily for some distinctive handicrafts. It adopted so totally dependent on local resources that largesse of the Nubian region by the source of those resources are agricultural crops and trees that exist in the region as well as other natural sources such as clay mud, which made him an honorary Pots and some limestone and non-calcareous stones that go one way or the other in some manufactures hand. The agricultural crops and trees, the palm tree come in the forefront as human Nubian depends on the Palm in his daily life, depending almost essential, Nubian women marked with the letter colored wicker and called on the workers wicker craft industry Name (Akhawash) craft items wicker often carried out by women, and is transmitted by heredity. Where the mother is keen to teach her daughter the assets of the craft, and in some communities men share with women, especially in the large manufacturing baskets. The wicker dye different colors are available at shops Perfumery and dyeing usually begins to boil water in a large bowl and set the dye is then required to drop the desired colored wicker and leave for 5 minutes then lifted from the water and placed in the shade to dry. The milky white wicker or are such that acquires this color due to exposure to the sun for a limited period of time with evaporated. When wicker manufacturing has to be soaked in warm water to soften even easier, whether wicker Normal or colored assortment because dyeing to Atzul water and then lubricate wicker begins manufacturing work long pigtail and different display plexus by production type and the greater the supply, the number of wicker used papers and has become the industry harder and after Spit-making wicker is formed by product to be workmanship and often are using a broad and long needle (made when mourning specially for this purpose) and thread may be sometimes of wool to decorate I have for often be wicker palm dome, where a resilient References: Khaald Abdul Majid: Specialized studies in the Nubian crafts

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