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Some touched that it was derived from the form of barley, which is an important nubian crop or another opinion. (Olive) a sacred tree, treatment and healing of my Koran, in which it was built in the nubian jewellery industry before, was made of 23.5-Caliber Hazelnut Gold, and it has shapes and sizes of piece, which are sometimes more and less in length and I It is at the centre of the pendant (Sha Allah), which is sometimes different in form, such as (Ạlḥfyẓẗ) a round of 70 mm 21 mm, with engraved trappings and in the middle of a big crescent. Lines with a pentagram in it is also wide, and the other is fine, and the crescent crescent has tyres from adjacent triangles, and it is still common in the seizure in the name of hafiz or, in the past, made of silver, and in the middle of it The Star only a this symbol words and religious assembly to keep eye and magic and now replaced with triangles in modern pieces and known that triangles talisman against eye, envy and look and is a nubian popular belief that made the artist in The expression is within the confines of the same old approach as well as Islamic thought in repeat (one Sunday gel) which always mentions and begins and confirms the unity and greatness. The Pills, as salim al-Hassan, a rahal, wrote about the seizure long ago, said that the most important of these plants is wheat, a plant that looks like barley, but it is actually some kind of wheat and has been cultivated. Throughout ancient civilizations, until they became extinct in the first century of the Christian covenant, they found c in marmara cemetery in pre-History, as well as in first family tombs and beyond, and also (Machine Eschauzier) that found barley growing among plants in the wild. By accident, he studied his food and then made him his sister and wife of ISIS from these bread pills, so it was considered sanabel (wheat and barley) of holy things that symbolized these gods and found barley in old graves with wheat in Pre-only era, and there is the story of Lord oz and it is after mixed qualities between kingship and him say (I am oz) and I live like a goddess and I live like love and grow like love and I barley) and barley was growing in The original seizure soon, so he adored nubians beads and called him love (barley) and he said about beads love barley (Petrie) she called (from the sixth family except that (shot her and especially broad from him The Beads of land were found in the excavations that took place in the nuba country between the week and dandan and are returning to the age of irrigated. It is a contract of gold consisting of 6 Round Parts (Tablets) that are flat and free of any type of decoration, Inscriptions, unit or disk, ranging from 26 to 38 mm. The six round pieces are called " Sha ' Allah and they have a problem with rose, as they are in a necklace necklace, and usually put some beads of gold called big or Beige, which are semi-grains. At the grand base, 5 mm in diameter, and the jkd (God willing) is a 38-mm diameter round, with a 38-mm High-end charge of 6 units that look like a lotus flower complex in the center from which Or the eye that takes half the ball, so we see the number seven imposing itself. And that number of magical euphemism since ancient times, especially ancient magic rituals, is said to be seven week s' days and creation, as the gods or divine family symbolizes from seven Gods in ancient Egypt, which means protecting her holder from the evils of magic and eye. Thanks to these seven Gods throughout the week, "4" is surrounded by prominent lines in sha Allah, and these lines mediate a row of adjacent small triangles that outline the frame and give it consistency in general form (for God's sake). There are between tablets, some of which are cylindrical beads of Onyx Glass, and they have placed two beads between a disk and one of these cylindrical beads, so they find the proportionate distances between the units units, which mean, though they are beaten. Or the problem is by way. The Word disk is taken from the disc of the sun in Nubian Ornaments, but in the jkd disk is not full of rotation, it does not represent a full circle, the disk is a doctrine that means worship of sun and human sacrifice for Until the th century, which left its effects on the subconscious mind of the to, and I would goof their conscience and deep down and remain in all Nubian Ornaments.

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Nubia Women Community

From:Aswan/ Nubia

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Nubians lovers of heritage, arts and crafts, professions and many developers for the character they own, and crossing through which the beauty of the great Nubia and their customs and traditions and the great heritage which dates back to the era of the Pharaohs authentic. Nubian women since ancient times known as exercising daily for some distinctive handicrafts. It adopted so totally dependent on local resources that largesse of the Nubian region by the source of those resources are agricultural crops and trees that exist in the region as well as other natural sources such as clay mud, which made him an honorary Pots and some limestone and non-calcareous stones that go one way or the other in some manufactures hand. The agricultural crops and trees, the palm tree come in the forefront as human Nubian depends on the Palm in his daily life, depending almost essential, Nubian women marked with the letter colored wicker and called on the workers wicker craft industry Name (Akhawash) craft items wicker often carried out by women, and is transmitted by heredity. Where the mother is keen to teach her daughter the assets of the craft, and in some communities men share with women, especially in the large manufacturing baskets. The wicker dye different colors are available at shops Perfumery and dyeing usually begins to boil water in a large bowl and set the dye is then required to drop the desired colored wicker and leave for 5 minutes then lifted from the water and placed in the shade to dry. The milky white wicker or are such that acquires this color due to exposure to the sun for a limited period of time with evaporated. When wicker manufacturing has to be soaked in warm water to soften even easier, whether wicker Normal or colored assortment because dyeing to Atzul water and then lubricate wicker begins manufacturing work long pigtail and different display plexus by production type and the greater the supply, the number of wicker used papers and has become the industry harder and after Spit-making wicker is formed by product to be workmanship and often are using a broad and long needle (made when mourning specially for this purpose) and thread may be sometimes of wool to decorate I have for often be wicker palm dome, where a resilient References: Khaald Abdul Majid: Specialized studies in the Nubian crafts

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