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# Harvest and # Nurg and # pond

usama ghazali


# Harvest and # Nurg and # pond ... From moments I was talking with a friend about this, although the rituals associated with the harvest of wheat was slow and many but with a large pool and the value of real essence and collective work and spirit in everything

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Sheikh el-Qenawi Mosque



A simple research about Sheikh Abdel Rahim El Qenawi and his life from the day he was born in Morocco in 1127, through his journey to understand Islam from different scholars through the Islamic countries in the middle east.

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El Darb El Ahmr street

taha gadoo


Cairo’s Al-Darb al-Ahmar district is a catalog of over 700 years of history. It is rich with medieval Islamic architecture, including the towering minarets of Khayrbek and Um al-Sultan Shaaban mosques, visible above the city skyline. In the dense encroaching environment of one of Africa’s largest cities, Al-Darb al-Ahmar was threatened with demolition


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